Sharia Economy Should Be Encouraged in East Kalimantan, VP Reveals

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Sabtu, 5 Agustus 2023 – 14:05 WIB

Kalimantan – The Indonesian Vice President (VP) Ma’ruf Amin said that Sharia economy and finance sector should be encouraged in East Kalimantan, which will be the location of the new capital city, IKN Nusantara. 

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During the inauguration of the East Kalimantan Regional Committee for Islamic Economy and Finance (KDEKS) in Samarinda on Friday, Amin stated that the province had officially been selected as the new capital’s location, believed to make it a new magnet for economic growth.

“This step will encourage the flow of trade, boost investment in regions, and reduce disparities between regions,” he stated. 

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Additionally, there is a multiplier effect from relocating Indonesia’s capital city from Jakarta to East Kalimantan, resulting in more equally distributed development across the country, as well as inclusive, equitable, and sustainable economic growth, in line with the Indonesia 2045 vision. 

Pembangunan IKN Nusantara

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He said that IKN’s development goals align with the concept of the Sharia economy and finance, which is inclusive, universal, and upholds the principles of justice, balance, and togetherness.

To this end, the Vice President who serves as the executive chair of the National Committee for Islamic Economy and Finance (KNEKS), pressed for encouraging the development of the Sharia economy and finance in East Kalimantan.

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He said that the vast local potential and the high level of enthusiasm of the regional government are positive energy for creating a new source of growth and strengthening regional economic resilience.


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